Unwire mobility platform

Unwire’s Mobility Platform is a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution for public transit agencies, cities, and their citizens. It aggregates mobility services and enables users to seamlessly plan, book, and pay for their multimodal journeys.

Our platform combines more than a decade of experience with mobility solutions into a one-stop-shop solution ideal for public transit agencies and cities of any size.

Platform Features

  • Our platform offers extensive planning features, including multimodal trip planner with fully integrated on-demand microtransit booking and scheduling system.
  • It can incorporate first mile / last mile services and support integrated paratransit services.
  • The platform can evolve as there is easy integration for new mobility services and partners. It is also multi-agency ready.
  • Our platform also offers a wide range of payment methods (Payment cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, cash-to-mobile) and a comprehensive account-based mobile fare collection for iOS and Android.
  • There is support within the platform for a wide variety of fare structures, daily and monthly fare capping and multiple validation alternatives.
  • Contactless payments, supporting front and rear boarding.

Benefits for your agency

  • The platform is a complete agency-branded app in which the agency manages which mobility services should be available.
  • The platform lowers the cost of fare collection and gives the agency clear visibility into how riders are using the services.
  • As an agency, you don't need any technical resources as it is a fully managed SaaS solution, which can be deployed in one to two months.
  • There are clear benefits for riders too, as it offers a one-stop-shop with greater choices. Riders are served and assisted where they are. Rider engagement and satisfaction is increased by adopting the platform.
  • Awareness of replacement services or alternatives to bus/ rail.
  • Service disruption info for when services are modified at short notice.
  • Rider notifications, in-app messaging - for service guidance and rules.