“Why don’t you just take public transit?”  – The perception vs. the reality of leaving the car at home

“Why don't you just take public transit?”  - The perception vs. the reality of leaving the car at home We challenged a colleague to leave the car at home when travelling to the…

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Introducing Unwire’s Travel Tools

Unwire’s Travel Tools provides a modern, intuitive and goal-oriented set of features for transit riders to plan their travel, obtain future and real-time travel information, and…

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Unwire’s mobile mobility platform can help riders travel more safely during extreme weather conditions

A mobility app such as Unwire’s can be an essential tool in enabling passengers to continue to use public transit safely during periods of extreme weather.

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Use your bike when travelling on city public transit – Copenhagen Case Study

In 2010 DSB, the public train operator in the Greater Copenhagen area, made it free to take your bike in the S train system. In the least popular carriage, they converted a…

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Unwire’s mobility platform is a one-stop-shop solution ideal for public transit agencies and cities of any size

Our Mobility as a Service platform for public transit agencies, cities and their citizens aggregates transit services and enables users to seamlessly Plan, Book, and Pay for their…

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Should public transit apps be free to end-users? Always!

At Unwire, our only focus is helping cities and agencies make public transit the easy choice for end-users, which means ensuring there are as few barriers to using an app as…

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Get a full mobile ticketing and trip planner solution in a week

GoPass is the perfect solution for other agencies and cities in Texas, which want to get up and running with a mobility solution quickly and easily. At Unwire, our focus is to…

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Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) launched new CATS-Pass powered by Unwire Mobility Platform

Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) has launched its new mobile ticketing and journey planner app, CATS-Pass, powered by Unwire Mobility Platform, with Dallas Area Rapid Transit…

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Unwire’s Mobile Mobility App launches with Valley Metro, Phoenix offering riders multimodal journey planning

The launch of Valley Metro: Plan and Track will make it easier for the people of Phoenix metro region to utilize a wide range of public transit options and to increase mobility…

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Unwire signs contract with the City of Charlotte, North Carolina

We are proud to announce that Unwire has signed a contract with the City of Charlotte, North Carolina to deliver our white-label mobile ticketing and journey planner solution to…

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