Should public transit apps be free to end-users? Always!

At Unwire, our only focus is helping cities and agencies make public transit the easy choice for end-users, which means ensuring there are as few barriers to using an app as…

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Get a full mobile ticketing and trip planner solution in a week

GoPass is the perfect solution for other agencies and cities in Texas, which want to get up and running with a mobility solution quickly and easily. At Unwire, our focus is to…

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Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) launched new CATS-Pass powered by Unwire Mobility Platform

Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) has launched its new mobile ticketing and journey planner app, CATS-Pass, powered by Unwire Mobility Platform, with Dallas Area Rapid Transit…

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Unwire’s Mobile Mobility App launches with Valley Metro, Phoenix offering riders multimodal journey planning

The launch of Valley Metro: Plan and Track will make it easier for the people of Phoenix metro region to utilize a wide range of public transit options and to increase mobility…

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Unwire’s mobile mobility platform can help riders travel more safely during extreme weather conditions

A mobility app such as Unwire’s can be an essential tool in enabling passengers to continue to use public transit safely during periods of extreme weather.

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Unwire signs contract with the City of Charlotte, North Carolina

We are proud to announce that Unwire has signed a contract with the City of Charlotte, North Carolina to deliver our white-label mobile ticketing and journey planner solution to…

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ICM Mobility Group Acquires Mobile Ticketing and Payment Specialist Unwire

ICM Mobility Group Acquires Mobile Ticketing and Payment Specialist Unwire. Joining Vix Technology, Kuba, Snapper and Littlepay to deliver complete solutions for transport…

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Inclusive transport and travel anxiety 

Mobility Justice is the concept that all people should have the same opportunities to move around and access public spaces. The report found that transport can be one of the…

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Four ways our mobility platform makes communication of COVID-19 information easier for agencies

It is essential for transit agencies to communicate their current rules and other mandates relevant to public transit, such as social distancing and the aforementioned…

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How the Unwire Mobility Platform supports multiple agencies in one region

Often public transit agencies are tasked with providing services for a geographic region, but those regions can connect and overlap with a region from another agency. Read our…

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