About Unwire

Unwire is an innovative Danish company founded in 2001, specializing in mobility solutions. We are located in Copenhagen, Denmark and have 25 highly skilled and dedicated employees. Over the last two decades, we have implemented high-quality mobility solutions with leading transportation companies worldwide.

By developing and operating innovative value-added services for our customers, we are always focused on keeping up to date with the latest technologies.

Our mission is to enable public transit agencies and cities to achieve their full potential, reach their goals to become more sustainable and to evolve with the needs of their customers.

Our all-in-one agency controlled mobile app aggregates a wide range of mobility services from traditional mass transit to micromobility, paratransit, rideshare and other multimodal options.

We know mobility

Unwire is part of the ICM Mobility Group, which enables public and private transport to move into the digital era. From planning journeys and issuing smart tickets, to streamlining electronic payments and providing insights, ICM Mobility Group invests in and partners with companies shaping the digital transformation of the mobility sector.

To learn more, visit www.icmmobility.com

We are experts in mobility

We work with the entire value chain for mobility solutions. Unwire has significant experience and solid references in delivering reliable, scalable and secure mobility solutions designed to handle high loads. We are experts in user experience with millions of end-users.

Innovation and curiosity is in our DNA

For the past two decades, we have developed and continuously improved our offerings with new and innovative features. With deep expertise and up to date knowledge of the latest technological developments, Unwire is at the leading edge in our industry, providing new and exciting solutions.

Experts in fast integration and infrastructure

Mobility solutions are complex and typically integrate with many external services. Unwire has significant experience in building gateways, APIs and backend integrations to transportation operators.

Unwire and sustainability

At Unwire, we work with transit agencies and cities to enable them to become more sustainable and to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 11 to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. It is at the very core of our daily work.

More and more cities are actively planning how their public transit systems can work better for their communities, aiming to encourage people away from reliance on private cars and cut emissions and meet ambitious climate goals. 

The COVID-19 pandemic showed private cars’ impact on pollution and emissions levels. During the global lockdown, pollution and emission levels fell sharply to the lowest recorded levels for decades. We also saw the importance of a more inclusive public transit system which works for the many and not just the few.

Our work with mobility platforms is at the very centre of all of this.

Some cities and transit agencies are just beginning their journey to become more sustainable and inclusive, and others have already started to make an impact but aim to do even better. 

We are dedicated to helping realise these ambitions, whatever stage transit agencies and cities are at, and to innovate rapidly as situations and demands change.

Sustainability is embedded in our company culture — we continuously work to reduce Unwire’s carbon footprint.

One of the best ways to combat the climate crisis is to plant trees, so we have decided plant a forest of 1500 trees via Ecologi. Ecologi’s tree-planting activities take place within core reforestation sites around the world. Visit our forest here. Why not join us on Ecologi with your own forest – if you join via this link, both you and the Vix-Unwire-Snapper forest will be awarded 30 extra trees.

  • Our office is located in Copenhagen's first climate-resilient quarter, Klima Kvarter. 
  • We aim to eliminate single-use plastics in the office by providing reusable mugs, glasses and plates. Drinking water comes from the taps and not water coolers.
  • We reduce our food waste by offering staff the correct amount of food at the company subsidised lunch and encourage employees to take leftovers home.
  • We take part in community recycling programmes.
  • Our office is close to multiple public transit options and we offer subsidised public transit passes to our employees.
  • We use virtual meetings and presentations minimising the need for travel, especially as Unwire works with customers across the globe.
  • We positively encourage colleagues to work from home where possible.
  • We turn off lights and electrical appliances overnight.
  • We have an opinion about who provides energy to our office — some companies choose to use green energy providers, however Denmark obtains 47% of energy from wind we are already pretty sustainable as a country.