One of the core modules of Unwire’s mobility platform is mobile ticketing. Our ticketing engine has delivered mobile tickets since 2008! In addition, our ticketing functionalities are fully configurable, enabling the agency to offer their riders an easy way to purchase and validate mobile tickets for their multimodal journey, regardless of the agency’s fare structure and policies. 

Let’s get into some more detail about these features.

  • Easy purchase experience

Our mobile app solutions are optimized for different typical fare structures and designed for a rider to quickly and easily complete a ticket purchase with as little interaction as possible whilst giving advanced options for more complex purchases.

The simplest way to make a purchase is to tap on a favorite ticket product or a suggested ticket product on the app’s home screen. Then, the product is placed directly into the shopping cart, ready for purchase. 

If the rider has stored a payment method, the purchase is just one click away. Payment can be made with multiple methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, all major credit cards, and the App Wallet, which also supports cash-to-mobile.

The rider can also purchase from the app product catalog, which provides them with a curated list of all fares they are eligible to buy. The catalog can also be accessed at different positions to show only a subset of products if, for example, the catalog is accessed after planning a journey. This ensures users are presented with the fares most appropriate to them and based on the journey they would like to execute.

  • Eligibility

Users will want to choose the appropriate rider type, typically adult, child, disabled or senior. There are two options for the agency to approach this. One option is the app can make rider types restricted, and they can only be viewed and purchased by eligible riders. The other option is to display all options to the user allowing them to self-declare the rider type on each purchase.

  • Promotional fares

Our platform also supports several programs to benefit riders, such as fare capping, promotional codes and bundle offers.

Fare capping allows users to never pay more than a daily or monthly pass without making an up-front purchase, which they may not be able to manage. 

  • Employee and student passes

The platform also allows for bulk distribution of period passes, commonly configured as employee or student passes, but could also be used for group and conference passes. This enables the agency to sell passes which are issued in bulk. In addition, passes can be issued ahead of the activation date. This is useful for distributing semester passes ahead of the school year or renewing employee passes on the 1st of January. 

  • Easy ticket view for all

The ticket view has been carefully designed by Unwire’s user experience and design team, together with ticket inspectors, validation specialists and vehicle operators, to support a variety of validation scenarios. To reduce the chance of fraud and make it easy for operators and inspectors, there are several different validation protection methods for both visual and bar code validation.

  • Added fun!

The app has an events ticket module which allows the agency to promote other ticket types. Typically these are events and offers from transport agencies with partners and independent ticket bureaux, e.g. special transit tickets, zoo or museum entrance or other current events to promote. 

  • Complete Agency control

The agency has complete control with a super user administering the fare catalog via the platform’s admin portal, allowing them to create, update and delete products from the agency’s fare catalog. The product catalog is updated in the mobile apps immediately or can go live at a future time or date.

The agency can define the products to cover any use case they require, such as the ones mentioned above but also discounted fares, parking and special offers. The system is flexible and configurable.

Both the users and the agency benefit from using our mobile ticketing feature. For the users, it is a streamlined and intuitive system making the process easy for them with no barriers so everyone can get on board.

A win-win situation!