This week the CATS-Pass App (Charlotte Area Transit System) powered by Unwire’s Mobility Platform has launched three new features.

The first is fare capping, which provides the user with the savings of a monthly pass without the upfront cost or commitment. Once the user has purchased and activated passes equivalent to the cost of a monthly pass, it will be capped for the month, and they will be issued a monthly pass that they can use for the rest of the month without further payment.

Secondly, the CATS-Pass app is now also available in Arabic, which brings the total number of languages supported in the CATS-Pass to ten.

Thirdly, we have introduced Siri shortcuts to help users who need accessibility features. For example, today, it is possible to open and validate tickets through Siri.

The CATS-Pass App is a complete agency-branded version of our modular, white-label mobility platform, in which our customers can manage which services and functionalities should be available for their riders. The three new features deployed this week with Charlotte Area Transit System illustrates how our app solutions can evolve rapidly with the evolution of our customer’s needs.