“From small acorns grow great oaks.” And so it is with Unwire’s mobility platform.

Many transit agencies want to offer a mobile ticketing solution for their users, which is a great place to start. However, with some solutions out there, that is the end of what that platform can offer, and agencies need to begin developing other solutions for trip planning and booking micro-transit, on-demand transport and other multimodal transit options. This can become time-consuming and costly and does not offer the riders the convenience and ease of use that a mobility solution should. 

Our Mobility as a Service platform for public transit agencies, cities and their citizens aggregates transit services and enables users to seamlessly Plan, Book, and Pay for their multimodal journeys from a single app in the palm of their hand.

But we also understand that not all transit agencies and cities have the same needs. That is why Unwire’s mobility platform is built with a modular design that allows our customers to stay in control of their own mobility solution and that allows them to decide which features and services should be available in their solution. An agency can start small with a simple mobile ticketing solution and later, as the needs of their riders increase, add features such as real-time trip planning and on-demand services without having to develop or procure a new solution. It will all be available from within the same app solution. Our platform provides an excellent foundation for further development when an agency needs it. The platform can evolve as there is easy integration for new mobility services and partners. It is also multi-agency ready.

In addition, agencies don’t need any technical resources as it is a fully managed Software as a Solution, which can be deployed in one to two months.

Our platform combines more than a decade of experience with mobility solutions into a one-stop-shop solution ideal for public transit agencies and cities of any size.