Recently we announced that Citibus in Lubbock, Texas, had gone live in the GoPass app, which was great news for riders in this area.

It was also a positive story for Citibus as they were onboarded on to Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s (DART) existing GoPass solution powered by Unwire’s Mobility Platform in less than a week. GoPass is the perfect solution for other agencies and cities in Texas, which want to get up and running with a mobility solution quickly and easily.

At Unwire, our focus is to make public transit the easy choice. By offering the opportunity for agencies to be onboarded to the existing Go Pass solution, this couldn’t be easier.

So how does it work? 

The first stage involves the new agency completing an onboarding checklist provided by us. This is perhaps the most time-consuming part of the process as the agency needs to provide all the agency-specific assets needed for onboarding, for example, logos, pictures, text, fare policies etc. For some agencies, this can mean working with third parties. Once this has been completed, we are given notice to proceed. 

As soon as we receive the completed checklist, we do a thorough review. Our support team then configures the agency into the back office of GoPass in a staging or sandbox environment. This typically takes two to three days.

This staging version is then sent to the agency to test. Next, Unwire and the agency begin a standard training programme that typically involves customer service and finance teams and operators. Once the agency verifies all is correct in the staging environment and all the training is completed, a date is selected for the agency to go live. Unwire then moves the configuration from staging to production, and the agency is launched on the GoPass platform. 

The whole process takes only around seven days from the receipt of the completed onboarding checklist. 

During the first month, Unwire assists with financial reporting and operational support to ensure all is well. After that, the agency is fully up and running.

So what does the GoPass solution offer agencies? 

A typical standard offering includes ticket sales, rider alerts, trip planning and customer support, with the option to add microtransit, bike-sharing, park and ride and events and offers. Additionally, any agency in Texas or anywhere in the US can be added to the GoPass solution. 

It couldn’t be simpler or faster to add your agency to this existing ecosystem and start to make public transit the easy option in your area.