Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) has launched its new mobile ticketing and journey
planner app, CATS-Pass, powered by Unwire Mobility Platform, with Dallas Area Rapid Transit
(DART) as the delivery partner.

The transit solution offers an improved ticketing app that will include more ticket options, a
multi-language function, Google and Apple Pay features, rider alert notifications, and trip

“As more of our community members return to public transit, we’re excited to provide them with
an improved mobile ticketing solution,” said CATS CEO John Lewis. “Our newly launched
CATS-Pass app offers a greater variety of pass options, payment features and an integrated trip-
planning component.”

Jesper Thor Rasmussen, Unwire CEO, said, “Over the last two months, our team has worked
incredibly hard to get the app ready for a full launch. Our solution for CATS will enable users to
seamlessly plan and pay for their multimodal journeys in the city of Charlotte. The platform is a
complete agency-branded app within which CATS can manage which mobility services should
be available. It can evolve rapidly as the agency requires.”

“We are thrilled to expand the use of this industry-leading mobility platform to the Charlotte
Area Transit System," said Nadine Lee, DART's president & CEO. “Our partnership with
Unwire and CATS, through this app, will provide a greatly enhanced tool for transit passengers
in the city of Charlotte.”

Unwire’s Mobility Platform is a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution for public transit
agencies, cities, and their citizens. It aggregates mobility services and enables users to seamlessly
plan, book, and pay for their multimodal journeys.

The solution automatically offers the capacity for on-demand transport, micromobility and other
forms of public transit, and real-time trip planning. These functionalities can be enabled as and
when the agency requires them with no additional development.