Plan and Track app allows metro Phoenix riders to plan trips, calculate travel durations, and see real-time location of Valley Metro buses, trains, and the upcoming Tempe Streetcar

Phoenix, Arizona, July 7, 2021 — Valley Metro today introduced its mobile app, offering riders an intuitive and interactive tool to plan and track their journeys across the Phoenix metro region. The “Valley Metro: Plan and Track” app also includes a convenient way for the agency to notify riders about upcoming events, construction, and other service-related announcements.

Yesterday’s release of the app and its enhanced multimodal trip planning and live mapping capabilities will be followed by mobile ticketing in 2022, allowing riders to plan, book, and pay for their travel in one powerful and easy-to-use app. The app is free and available for both iOS and Android users.

Valley Metro: Plan and Track is the first deliverable of a Fare Collection System Modernization being built and deployed for the city of Phoenix and Valley Metro by global payment systems provider Vix Technology. The project moves Valley Metro from a primarily cash- and paper-based ticketing system to a digital platform that will accept QR codes and smartcards. The system will also offer a robust retail network where riders that prefer to pay with cash can load cash at hundreds of convenient locations throughout the Valley of the Sun. Once complete, the new platform will provide passengers with frictionless regional travel on bus, light rail, and the future Tempe Streetcar.

“The introduction of an app that makes riding the bus and light rail easier will be a game changer for our riders,” Scott Smith, Valley Metro Chief Executive Officer, said. “Our partnership with Vix and the city of Phoenix will provide many benefits for our customers now and into the future.”

The modernized payment system is a key component of the city of Phoenix’s Transportation 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan and Valley Metro’s Strategic Plan, both expanding regional investment for bus, light rail, and the new Tempe Streetcar. Passengers will benefit from unified ticketing across these transit modes, alongside the variety of planned fare choice options to serve frequent and disadvantaged riders. Ease of payment with contactless mobile and smart cards offer greater customer choice and convenience and promise to decrease boarding time and speed travel time.

“The launch of Valley Metro: Plan and Track is an important milestone for our partnership with the city of Phoenix and Valley Metro,” Gary Googins, Vix Technology General Manager, Americas, said. “Vix is revolutionizing the fare payment system to provide compelling economic, environmental, and social benefits to the Phoenix metro region and its transit ridership for many years to come.”

The mobile app was designed by Vix and its partner Unwire. The app aggregates a range of mobility services from traditional mass transit to micromobility, paratransit, rideshare, and other multimodal options.

“The launch of Valley Metro: Plan and Track will make it easier for the people of Phoenix metro region to utilize a wide range of public transit options and to increase mobility across the region. Unwire is delighted to be part of this forward-thinking solution, which will also have a positive impact on a more sustainable and inclusive transit offering in Phoenix,” Jesper Thor Rasmussen, Unwire Chief Executive Officer, said.

In addition to the mobile app, Vix will also provide a range of equipment and services through the fare system modernization project, including card readers on every bus and rail platform, and new, state-of-the-art ticket vending machines at every light rail station. Additionally, the Valley Metro system will be complemented with a robust retail network where cash-dependent customers can load their accounts at hundreds of convenient locations, alongside a locally sited call center to provide customer support.

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