Four ways our mobility platform makes communication of COVID-19 information easier for agencies

COVID-19 is still an ongoing issue globally and is likely to stay this way for months to come. In the US, transit agencies, such as DART in Dallas, are continuing to follow CDC guidance which requires passengers to continue to wear face masks despite differing advice from state officials.

It is essential for transit agencies to communicate their current rules and other mandates relevant to public transit, such as social distancing and the aforementioned mask-wearing, to keep both riders and workers safe.

Confusion can lead to conflicts and a lack of adherence to the rules.

Over the last year, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Unwire’s mobility platform has been be used as a powerful communication tool in addition to selling tickets. It has the capability to show service changes, important news and to give essential advice to riders.

Unwire initially developed these features to enable transit agencies to promote and communicate everyday relevant information to their riders. However, the agile functionality means that the app’s communication features can be very rapidly repurposed in times of emergency, crisis, or to communicate messages essential for all riders to see.

There are four main ways the platform can be used as a communication tool.

 In-app messaging

This can send targeted critical messages to riders about the current COVID-19 situation locally, official advice and related changes to schedules.

Homescreen events and offers carousel 

This whole section can be repurposed to communicate critical information as soon as users open the app.

Rider alert inbox

Like in-app messaging, riders see all critical messages, including the latest COVID-19 information and any changes to services or schedules, especially when services are modified at short notice.

Push Notifications 

These ensure riders with this enabled are alerted to new information and can see this even when the app is closed.