Often public transit agencies are tasked with providing services for a geographic region, but those regions can connect and overlap with a region from another agency. This can create a fragmented and sometimes confusing experience for the rider.

Many cities have developed centralised organisations to deal with connecting services. An example is Din Offentlige Transport (DOT) in our home city of Copenhagen. Here different transport providers such as bus, train, metro are covered under one set of fares and one trip planner. The rider can find all they need in one place and only have to buy one fare for their entire journey.

Without this, it is a challenge for the rider to understand how to get from A to B across the region and what fares they need to pay for cities or regions that haven’t or cannot centralise all services under one organisation. It is often necessary for riders to have multiple mobile apps to plan trips, get live timetables, lookup service disruptions, and pay for fares. They also need to find out and pay for specific fares necessary for each leg of the journey.

This can be very confusing and potentially expensive for the rider if they buy the wrong fare and get caught by an inspector.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Unwire Mobility Platform supports multiple agencies in one region through our multimodal trip planning and ticketing engine.

Benefits for the rider

Each agency’s planning data is integrated into the journey planner. Unwire’s journey planner ingests GTFS and GTFS-realtime data from all agencies in the region, combining it into one single source of information. From this, a rider can plan journeys across any of the supported service regions, even when that means using services from multiple agencies. The fare calculation engine also advises the correct tickets which need to be purchased based on the relevant fare policies.

Our mobility platform lets a rider set their preferred agency, usually the one they travel in the most. If the rider is unsure, the platform will even make an appropriate suggestion for them, and then the app will customise the experience to reflect that choice. The information for that agency is prioritised and shown first to the rider — for example, rider alerts, tickets and rider support details. But the rider still has full access to information and tickets for any other agency in the region.

Using one mobile app, a rider needs only to register their details once and have everything they need to plan and pay. They also have rider alerts and self-service for all agencies in one place. Agencies don’t lose touch with their riders as the Unwire Mobility Platform offers several tools to communicate with riders and can do that based on agency segmentation.

Benefits for agencies

Agencies can co-exist in the same mobile app but with their own distinct branding and tailoring for their riders. Agencies within a region can sell their own tickets with their own fare rules, branding and prices all in one place, making it convenient for the rider.

Agencies can still control which services are made available through the app so they can add additional mobility services available specifically in their region.

If the region’s agencies have agreed to a regional fare policy, these tickets can also be sold in the app. All ticket sales go directly to the correct agency.

When public transit agencies need to be even more budget-conscious, it is more cost-effective to procure a mobility solution together with other agencies whilst maintaining agency independence.

Happy riders make for successful agencies. Better served customers use the combined public transit services more frequently as they find fewer barriers with their journeys.