Denmark regularly tops the global quality of life surveys and Copenhagen is ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities. This is based on the positive work-life balance, strong social democracy, trust in the government and each other and the economic safety nets that exist. A 37 hour week, five weeks of paid holidays, and a robust welfare system means both men and women can remain in the workforce even after starting a family. Denmark is number one in the world for women in senior positions. Danes even have a word for being happy at work — arbejdsglæde.

Trust is a huge part of how Danish society functions and this is clearly seen in the workplace, and it is even more pertinent now amid a global pandemic when we have our whole team working from home.

But how does the Danish workplace differ from those in other countries and why is that an asset when working with Unwire?

Talking about personal ambition is less important than working as a team for the company’s overall goals and ambitions. The work environment is much more informal, with less emphasis on titles and status and more on actual achievements. We can employ the best people for the job, which creates diversity within our team.

The talent pool in Europe and the rest of the world is available to Danish companies with the government actively promoting Denmark as a place to live and work. At Unwire, we certainly see this benefit. As a small and dedicated team of 23 people, we have over ten nationalities represented amongst that number. We have team members from across the globe, including Bulgaria, Mexico, Macedonia, UK and Argentina. There is no worry about how to communicate as the working language for us is English.

An international team’s benefits are clear to us, bringing various outlooks, experience, and cultures to the workplace. In Denmark we enjoy linear structures and inclusive decision making in our companies, meaning that everyone has the opportunity to share ideas across the company, not just with peers but right up to the CEO level, and to be part of the way forward for Unwire.

This makes it great to do business with a Danish company such as ours. We bring the positives of the Danish work ethos but marry those with an international perspective.